Squeeb’s Rev’d Up Relay Race Photo Recap

Photos by Kyle Hughes.

Setting up the banner to indoctrinate the youth.

Sign up sheet getting started. Everyone had fun with their numbers and/or symbols.

Furnace ambassador donning his armor.

Dave Evans, always up to something.

Kyle didn’t like this one, but we had to have at least one picture of Brock.

Pre-race session was going up!

Better than what Brock did!

All the homies pulled up! All angles covered.

Toasty Scott keeping it Toasty with his bros!

Around this time everyone’s numbers started falling off. Double taped or die.

Always late to the party but always ready to party; Getta Grip, dude!

Everyone’s favorite MC holding it down! If you heard his laugh you’d know.

First round! 14 and under ready to race!

They were hyped on the results.

Dave aka Shady and Skyler aka Squeeb surveying the course before it goes down.

This hat was a crowd favorite. Who doesn’t love a pith helmet? From mailmen to safari-goers, the pith helmet keeps everyone cool.

Don’t trip! MC Austin participating in some foul play?

The kids looked on intensely. Generic is for the children.

Bert n S’myles keeping the stoke alive in between rounds!

Wish you were here! Cody takes a break from his scholarly duties to say “WAZZZAAAAP”.

Myles takes a break from the action to water a nearby tree. Generic is for the environment.

Squeeb makes a pit stop after mobbing around the course. (Something corny like “Spliff Mode”)

Sometimes skateboarding doesn’t involve skateboarding.

CJ, also on break. Keeping it cool with a Turkey and Rye. Styles for miles.

Final race going down; who will be the winner?

That’s a wrap! Brock took first, with Thomas in second and Myles in third!

Huge shoutout to Skyler for organizing the event, and much love to Getta Grip, Furnace, Austin the MC, and all the homies that rolled out!

*Some people have a suspicion that Brock participated in the use of performance-enhancing substances. Oh well. We’ll see you at the next race!



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