Golden Child Co. Interview

Tell us a little bit about you.

My name is Edwin Miranda, 25 years old. I was born in East LA but raised in Lynwood.

How did you learn to screenprint?

Youtube honestly,  I watched the same video for 3 hours before I could actually do anything. It took me a whole day to figure out how to burn the image onto the screen. Then being able to just clean the screen without damaging the image was almost impossible, it wasn’t easy but it was worth the time I spent.

How did you go about starting Golden Child Co. ?

It started about 5 years ago when my pops walked into 3043 boardshop with me to get some supplies. After I was done getting my things we drove off and the first thing he said was “You should start your own company”. It had me by surprise because he never seemed like the type to say something like that, I guess he really digged the set up they had going on at the shop and thought I could do the same. I was already skating everyday and thought fuck it, I don’t see why not. Plus around that time I was in a bad place with myself and skating was the only thing keeping me sane. Starting a company was perfect, it kept me busy and my mind focused, it was everything I needed at that time. I really appreciate my pops for speaking up and telling me to start one, it really motivated me. After i was getting situated I told my good homie Dario Rocha to join me. We both came up with the name and logo, got it registered, and were set to start selling boards and shirts. Everything we did was always out my garage. We painted the decks, made stencils, we pretty much did everything by hand until I got a silk screen machine. That made it alot easier to print the images onto the decks. 

What’s the process usually like when it comes to making your products?

When it comes to making product I really try to do it all myself, from burning the screens to making my own patches and sewing them. For patch making i usually just print small Golden child logos on blanks shirts, dry them, cut it out,and then stitch it onto either beanies or jackets. For screenprinting I usually use two methods;

Method 1: Print your image onto transparent paper. Place emulsion onto the screen so the image will appear (dry for 30mins or so). Burn your image onto the screen using a high voltage light bud. Then sightly run a high pressured waterhose on the screen till the image comes out.

Method 2 is more of a fun way to screenprint: You can draw or trace an image using speedball drawing fluid. Then once you are done with the drawing you can just run the emulsion over the image to fill in any gaps. You let it dry for 30 minutes or so, and then wash out the drawing fluid with a brush so the image can appear. I use both methods when making my product.

What are your inspirations? I see a lot of music references, what else inspires you?

My passion for skateboarding played a big part. I had a bunch of homies who had their own companies as well, and that really inspired me to do the same. Local artists play a good part when it comes to being inspired too, the creativity they have to make one of a kind artwork and keep a good business relationship is great. I have a friend  named Migs who is a local screen printer and artist, and if it wasn’t for him showing me his silk screen machine I wouldn’t have gotten my own. I really appreciate that and the work he did for the company. Also music is a huge inspiration for me, it was there when most people weren’t. That’s why you’ll see MF Doom, Madlib (Quasimoto), Wu Tang, and blues\ jazz influences in my work.

Why is DIY culture important?

Because the feeling of doing something yourself is great, whether it’s making shirts, building a spot with the homies, or grabbing some spray cans and painting 20 decks. It’s important to me to see people do the shit they like themselves, and I feel people will appreciate the artwork or whatever it may be alot more than buy some corporate bullshit. Plus the product is made directly by the artist and not people who have nothing to do with it.









Any crazy stories?

Yeah, I remember hill bombing in La Habra with a few friends and the older homie AL, who is the chillest and most craziest person I know. Well while we all were done bombing this hill Al decides to do that shit too (let me remind you this dude is 55 years old). So I look and this dude is coming down the hill going fast as fuck, speedwobbling with a beer in his hand and his dog chasing him, then out of nowhere he just completely eats shit: beer’s everywhere, dogs barking, and all the homies just laughing. (Laughs)  That old fucker got up and tried it again. Glad I got to witness that. Definitely a story I won’t forget.

What’s next for you and Golden Child Co. ?

Getting product in some local skate shops around the area, dropping our first team video, and collabs with other local brands.

Any shoutouts?

Shoutout to my pops for helping me get the company started, the homie Dario who was there from the very beginning, the homie Migs who printed our first batch of shirts. Thanks to John Doe (in4it) and Kevin for the amazing artwork. Geesource and Unmodern for always coming through. 3043 boardshop for always supplying me with good decks. Thanks to my brother for always helping me screen the product. The homie Dynasty for coming through with the ride to our first event in Bakersfield and always showing love, shoutout to  the locals at Paramount and Norwalk for fucking with the company, and the homies Tank, Toasty Loco, Bubba Slumps, Mario, Justice, Peter, Joe, Hoyskee and anyone else fucks with me. You are truly appreciated. Rest in Peace Cj Mack, Ernest, Victor Garibay, Fire and Kike.

Golden Child Co. Playlist:

  • Paserock ft.Nujabes – The Sign
  • Yellowman – Still be a Lady
  • Cormega – Love is Love
  • Big L – Now or Never
  • Tommy Wright – Still Pimpin
  • Capital Steez – Free the Robots
  • Charles Bradley – Changes (Black Sabbath Cover)
  • The Cure – Just like Heaven
  • MF Doom ft. Sade – Full Album
  • Miles Davis – Studio Chatter

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