Checking in with Beachdust

Meet Beachdust. Beachdust is sick. Beachdust has played at a couple of our shows for Generic Skateboards. We were also a part of their recent album release party, which was awesome. These guys are chillers, but they put on an amazing show and have a do-it-yourself attitude. So we got a chance to check in and heckle them with some questions about what they’re working on at the moment. Also their name is fun to say. Beachdust. Beachdust. Beachdust.

Clockwise from Top left: Fuzz, Adrien (AD), Ethan, Anthony

Is it weird being in a band with your sibling?

A: Kind of, when they get into disagreements it’s weird. Because one is my friend, one is my brother. But for the most part everyone gets along pretty well.

Are any of you guys in other bands?

A: I do solo stuff, but Beachdust is my main focus.

F: Does a Jazz combo count? We cover, like, jazz classics.

Jazz is gnarly.

F: Yeah it’s like it’s not music, it’s a language. In high school they encouraged us to get together and start our own groups outside of school.

So how did Beachdust come about?

A: It was a solo project at first. I was in a bunch of other bands and there was always someone not putting in the effort. Just different attitudes and people wanting to do music for different reasons, so I got tired of all the bullshit and wanted to start something myself. So I asked everyone to be my live band, just to help me play shows and stuff. Then everyone just became a part of it.

So everyone helps write the songs?

A: We have a process. I don’t think it’s as important who writes it. Me and Adrien write most of the songs, but it doesn’t work without all of us putting our own thing into it. Everyone has their own style and take, so we find a balance between what everybody wants and what sounds best.

E: He lays the foundation, and if for example, there’s a transition, I like it a certain way, so I’ll say “maybe we can do this” and then work it to bring it back to his idea.

You guys just put out Midnight Sally. How do you feel about it as a body of work? 

A: I think it was a good learning experience for us. A big part of it was that we had a rough version of the album pretty much done. We wanted to do everything ourselves, I just had a feeling that someone else wouldn’t have the patience or passion to sit down to make sure it sounds perfect. A lot of us are inspired by older artists and how music used to be so we’re trying to bring some of that back. Bring substance and talk about real things. Half underground, half pop. Like, taking cues from classic soul and funk and where everything started and meet this generation in the middle. But in the process of us starting the album, we met Antwuan, who runs Compound Studio, where we recorded it. He did stuff for Chicano Batman and did Sublime’s 40oz to freedom.


How did that come about?

A: Basically we were playing a backyard show and someone who knew him said he wanted to get us in touch with him to play a live set. So we ended up doing that and he really liked us. After that, he said he wanted to record with us and we all talked it over and thought maybe we should do it. We had never been in a real studio like that and it was our first time recording an album, so we figured we should have a professional. I think in that aspect, we shouldn’t have doubted ourselves.

So you think you should have just done it all yourselves?

A: Yeah. The music we were making wasn’t really his style. So a lot of the process was kind of a back-and-forth between what we wanted and how he felt we should present our music.

AD: We were putting a lot of money into the studio time, so we ended up compromising our sound & ideas just to get the work done quickly.

A: Adrien & I sat there and worked with him and watched him do everything, so it was a good learning experience for sure. I just feel like people haven’t even really heard us yet, cause there’s so much of our sound that didn’t get represented in the album. I’m glad that people liked it and everything, but we’re leaning more towards what we’re gonna do next.

What is each of your’s favorite song to play live? 

AD: One of our new songs, *****.

A: Yeah.

F: Were you guys gonna say *****?

E: For me it’s Chemical Rainbow. It’s so hard, but it’s a fun challenge. I really have to focus on that one.

F: I like the interlude to Spider Baby.

E: Is that a full song? I didn’t even know that was a full song.

Band member who gets laid the most?

All: Fuzz


Band member who gets laid the least?

AD: Me

(All agree)

Best thing about making music?

E: Knowing you can go through any trouble in your life, but at the end of the day you’re in control and you can make something.

A: Not to sound cheesy, but we all have shit that we go through. There’s a moment sometimes when we’re playing and you kind of just lose yourself. That, and connecting with people. You can know nothing about this person, but if you’re into the same music there’s that connection.

F: I like knowing that I’m doing the same thing people I listen to are doing. My favorite artists are also doing this.

AD: I tried a lot of different mediums of art, but music is the only one I could really tap into… like, an energy, or a feeling. It’s satisfying.

Look forward to a lot more from these guys. If you thought Midnight Sally was good, then boy are you gonna be excited for what they’re working on now. DIY or die. 

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