An Interview with TEMPOREX

Interview by Avery Parrott

How’d you get the name Temporex?

Joseph: I was sitting in art class junior year and had the idea for a clothing line called Temporary Exports. I tried making a logo and misspelled both words and it looked cool, so long story short Temporay was taken on Instagram so I went with temporex. I was gonna go with Dream Boat but I fuckin hate boats and I’m not dreamy at all so, I went with Temporex.

When did you start making music? What prompted you to start writing and recording your own stuff?

Joseph: I started recording stuff May of 2015 and probably earlier than that but everything was terrible. I started making music in general because of artists like Tyler, The Creator, Homeshake, and Jerry Paper. When I’d listen to their music I’d always say in my head “Hey! I can do that too!” Even though I had no musical training prior other than a few months of drum lessons when I was like 11.


Where do you start when you’re writing a song? What’s a common inspiration or starting point?

Joseph: Usually it happens when I hear a great song, but lately I’ve just been doing it because I’m sad. I usually start with a beat, or drums because you can set a mood just based on what drum samples you use. But I don’t know, I start with metronome I guess and just fuck around until I hear a chord progression I like.

“San Diego…yeah. If i’m being honest, it’s absolutely terrible.

For better or worse, does your age affect how you work with other artists? Being 17 and already making music of this caliber is pretty impressive. 

Joseph: I think it does, because I’m really still a kid. I’m in high school so I can’t drop everything and move somewhere. Like, my mom still makes my lunch and drives me everywhere [laughs]. But so far every collaboration I’ve done has taken place online so it hasn’t really gotten in the way. At least not yet.

You’re based in San Diego, right? How’s the music scene down there?

Joseph: San Diego… yeah. If I’m being honest, it’s absolutely terrible. I love everyone, don’t get me wrong. I’ve met some very nice people, but everything is so bad. Can’t say much more about that but yeah [laughs].

Any plans to move up to LA?

Joseph: Definitely. I have a few friends up there. Lots of good musicians- Michael Seyer, Cuco, and some other big boys that I wanna be friends with.

"Care" album artwork by TEMPOREX himself
“Care” album artwork by TEMPOREX himself

Can we expect any live shows from Temporex sometime soon?

Joseph: Yes, absolutely. Me and my good friend Sam are practicing a bunch, I think we have a show in Orange County soon, but no promises. Nice Boys sounds very nice live, can’t wait to play it.

In your own words, what is Temporex? What’s your message?

Joseph: Well, each album is going to have a message, or at least that’s how I want it to be. The message behind Care was pretty self explanatory. Just care. But my overall message? I don’t really know yet. Probably love though, as cheesy as it sounds.

Is being a caring person beneficial to your mental health?

Joseph: Yes of course. It takes a lot more energy to be indifferent than it does to be caring. If you cut people off you take so much time avoiding that person. I feel like caring is the key to carelessness as far as peace of mind. But I’m not at that level yet.


Favorite albums of 2016? 

Joseph: Oh god. Okay, this will be long. Skiptracing – Mild High Club, The Space Tape – Space Carbonara, Soft Hair – Soft Hair, Missing Home – Dream Wave, Lindberg & Family – Volume II… that’s all I can think of right now, but those are all amazing.

Are you happy with how Care is being received? 

Joseph: More than happy. I’m very surprised people are liking it. I thought this would be a little thing I’d just release for myself and maybe my friends would hear it too, but it’s so much bigger than that now. I thought I’d just break through with about 50-60 listens on all my songs but they’re going up by the day. And I got a message from Tyler, The Creator which was something I didn’t even consider, and I still really don’t believe it.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Or rather, where do you want to be?

Joseph: I’d want to be friends with some of my idols, like Connan Mockasin and Tyler, The Creator. I’d also like to see myself comfortable and happy. Hopefully living in a small house with a bunch of cool synths, a babe, and a heart shaped bed. That would be tight as fuck.

Any shout outs?

Joseph: Yeah for sure. Yo love you Michael Seyer, you’re cool. Bane’s World was my second twitter follower so, much love at you friend. Shoutout to Avery, Kalyn, Joaquin, Ryan, Sam, George, my Good Friends, and all the babes that hurt my heart because I wouldn’t have had anything to write about if it wasn’t for you guys. Uhhh, and oh yeah I love my mom thanks, goodbye.


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